Giovanni Cartucci Part 11

He turns to face me, a look of hope in his eyes. But his name was not said to renew our brotherhood. The man had killed, murdered those who had saved me from ERIMS. I hoped that over time my careful, systematically planned ignorance of him would make him a cripple, make him apologize for his deeds, and then I would forgive him, and he would serve me because he killed Lizzy and Isaiah and Samantha. Except now. Now’s conditions suffice for a brief excursion from the masterpath. But then I will be like a god.


“Maverick! Maverick! Look at me now, concentrate on my face. Maverick you’ll be ok. Maverick stay with me here stay here--- umm----- stay here, “Giovanni walks away for a moment and comes back with a canteen of a bluish liquid. “Close your eyes and mouth.”

I do so. And instantly I feel a refreshing coolness enshroud my body like a waterfall. I stick my tongue out, hoping to catch a drop of this miracle potion. It feels good on my tongue, too dry to taste this nectar. I open my eyes and catch site of a beautiful blue-eyed figure past the film of the waterfall, standing tall on a rock with hair so long it enshrouds her feet. I am treading water, treading cool water with little fishies swimming under my feet, and this mermaid staring into me, a dull gaze, comforting gaze. And then there are slight vibrations of the water as she swims towards me, the dolphin swim. I recognize it. My mom, my mom used to dolphin swim. Back at the Nemo Academy. She took me there in the summers. I watch in wonder as the mermaid dolphin kicks under water, bare back shimmering before protruding as a very unmermaidly figure before me. Black hair, black eyes, pale body. There is a trail of blood streaming from her right hand into the water in a dye that envelopes us both in an exclusive circle. It fades slowly down, down, down, down.

“Shit man I’m sorry. I am so sorry.”

And then I sank. That was my way back home.

PS. If by the 21st the redirection poll is in favor of redirection that is what will go down

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